Zauo Shinjuku | 釣船茶屋ざうお 新宿店 | Shinjuku 新宿

Zauo is a type of amusement restaurant where you can eat the fish that you catch from a large fish tank located inside. A wide variety of people from businessmen to couples and families can have an exciting time. The taste of the fish that you catch yourself is superb. There are many overseas tourists too. Please come visit us.

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【delicious Japan掲載】Zauo Shinjuku | 釣船茶屋ざうお 新宿店 | Shinjuku 新宿

Ganko (Yamano Aiko-tei) | がんこ 山野愛子邸 | 新宿 shinjuku |

Aiko Yamano is known as the pioneer of the Japanese beauty industry. The house she lived in was opened as “Ganko Shinjuku Yamano Aiko-tei” on October 10, 2014 as the first “yashiki” (mansion) style restaurant in Tokyo. The semi-western style mansion is a perfect venue for different types of events from wedding to family gatherings. Please come and visit.

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【delicious Japan掲載】Ganko (Yamano Aiko-tei) | がんこ 山野愛子邸 | 新宿 shinjuku

Gensai | 玄菜 本店 | Shinjuku 新宿 |

Our restaurant’s concept is modern “wa”. We offer arelaxing time in the city of busy Nishi Shinjuku. Please enjoy a savory time with “omotenashi cuisine” made by our chefs.

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【delicious Japan掲載】Gensai | 玄菜 本店 | Shinjuku 新宿

Banya | 個室居酒屋 番屋 西新宿店 |Shinjuku 新宿

With respect to traditional Japanese style of “wa”, we offer relaxing privatized rooms (15 table & seat rooms and 10 hori-gotatsu rooms, a Japanese-style room with sunken area under table) that can be used for different purposes. Beautiful night view of Tokyo can be seen from 200 meters up in the sky. Private rooms can be used from 2 persons up to a group of 80. We have rooms and special courses that are perfect for business meetings. We offer a wide variety of rooms to choose from based on the size of your group and purpose.

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【delicious Japan掲載】Banya | 個室居酒屋 番屋 西新宿店 |Shinjuku 新宿

Gindaco Highball Sakaba | 築地銀だこハイボール酒場 | 新宿 Shinjuku |

Gindaco Highball Sakaba is a standing bar where you can drink highball while eating takoyaki. We are located in the newly opened Shinjuku TOHO building and has become the largest Highball Sakaba in Tokyo. Many customers outside of Japan come and visit us. We are the flagship bar of Tsukiji Gindaco Highball Sakaba.

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【delicious Japan掲載】Gindaco Highball Sakaba | 築地銀だこハイボール酒場 | 新宿 Shinjuku

Chanko Dining Ami (Ryogoku) | ちゃんこダイニング安美 両国総本店 | Ryogoku 両国

Our recipes are directly transmitted from Isegahama-beya (Isegahama sumo wrestling house)! Try our delicious, filling, and healthy chanko of the sumo-beya (sumo house). “Hanare” has just opened on the fourth floor. We have large table and seats for 80 people!

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【delicious Japan掲載】Chanko Dining Ami (Ryogoku) | ちゃんこダイニング安美 両国総本店 | Ryogoku 両国

Gyosai Nihonbashitei (Ryogoku) | 魚菜 日本橋亭 両国店 | Ryogoku 両国

We are a washoku izakaya near Ryogoku Kokugikan and Edo Tokyo Museum. We have a wide variety of set menus, udon, pasta, and other menus. There are private rooms for parties or large group customers. Japanese-style tatami room is prepared with “horigotatsu”. Enjoy the atmosphere, food, and drinks.

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【delicious Japan掲載】Gyosai Nihonbashitei (Ryogoku) | 魚菜 日本橋亭 両国店 | Ryogoku 両国

Yasai Kaiseki Nagamine | 八菜懐石 長峰 | Ginza 銀座 |

Nagamine of Tsukiji, which has had a good eye for vegetables as a wholesaler for over 60 years, has opened a shop in Ginza. It serves innovative but sound kaiseki ryori, built on discerning care for vegetables. Diners can delight in eating really delicious vegetables, in their best seasons, and in their most suitable forms. The array of rare and high-priced traditional vegetables is grown organically, or in other special ways. The rice is organic rice of the Nanatsuboshi variety, grown in Hokkaido. A selection of sake, carefully picked to match the seasonal produce of the sea and the mountains, is also on offer. The casual interior is mainly arranged into individual rooms, so diners have space to really relax. It’s just the right venue for a meeting with someone important, a private chat, a meal with the family, or many other situations.

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【delicious Japan掲載】Yasai Kaiseki Nagamine | 八菜懐石 長峰 | Ginza 銀座 |

Gonpachi (Nishi Azabu) | 権八 西麻布 | Azabu / Roppongi 麻布/六本木

In the atmosphere of an old Japanese-style housing, we serve creative Japanese menu using healthy, beautiful, and seasonal ingredients such as kushiyaki grilled by charcoal and handmade soba made from soba flour grounded at our restaurant. We are famous for being the restaurant model for “KILL BILL” and for “Izakaya meeting” by former President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi. Today, more than half of our customers are from overseas.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Gonpachi (Nishi Azabu) | 権八 西麻布 | Azabu / Roppongi 麻布/六本木


[Royal Park Hotel the Shiodome] Spend a SUMMER with Ty beanie stuffies!!

[Royal Park Hotel the Shiodome]
From 2015/7/18 (Sat) to 8/31 (Mon), Royal Park Hotel Shiodome will be offering an accommodation  plan for families. The Plan is a collaboration with the USA brand [Ty] preparing rooms with motif of [Beanie Boo's] series and balloon arts. The Ty world room is limited only for one family per day.

In order for you to enjoy the Ty beanies also at your home, you can select a set of Ty stuffies from 3 different patterns. Please enjoy your summer in Japan with your family and friends, in the special room where you can meet Ty friends!

3 persons 14,200 JPN ~ / 2 persons 18,000 JPN ~ / 1 person 30,600 JPN~

Reservation+further info: http://www.rph-the.co.jp/shiodome
Contact:+81-3-6253-1111 (Hotel)



2015年7月18日(土) から 8月31日(月)までの期間、アメリカ・シカゴ発祥のぬいぐるみブランドTy(タイ)のぬいぐるみとコラボレーションした夏休みのファミリー向け宿泊プランを販売します。
子供たちの大好きな動物をモチーフにした「Beanie Boo's (ビーニーブーズ)」シリーズを中心としたぬいぐるみとバルーンアートで、Tyの世界観を表現した1日1組限定のお部屋のご宿泊いただけます。

3名 ¥14,200~ / 2名 ¥18,000~ / 1名 ¥30,600~

問い合わせ:03-6253-1111 (ホテル代表)

Torigen (Ueno Asakusaguchi & Showa-dori) | 鳥元 上野浅草口店&昭和通り店 | Ueno 上野

We value our customer’s health, safety, and security. Our motto, "direct from the producer” connects our customers with producers and Japanese ingredients. We aim to continue the Japanese tradition through washoku.

Fore more information;

【delicious Japan掲載】Torigen (Ueno Asakusaguchi & Showa-dori) | 鳥元 上野浅草口店&昭和通り店 | Ueno 上野

SKYTREE® VIEW RESTAURANT & BAR REN | スカイツリー® ビューレストラン&バー 簾 | Kinshicho 錦糸町 |

On the north side is the beautiful view of TOKYO SKYTREE® and on the south is the Tokyo Tower. Our head chef sincerely serves Japanese cuisines using seasonal ingredients and great techniques. Enjoy afternoon tea or the bar that opens at dinnertime. Have a precious time with your partner, family, and friends.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】SKYTREE® VIEW RESTAURANT & BAR REN | 
スカイツリー® ビューレストラン&バー 簾 | Kinshicho 錦糸町

Ganko (Ginza 1-chome) | がんこ 銀座1丁目店 | Ginza 銀座 |

Since our restaurant faces Ginza Chuo-dori, transportation is very smooth if you come by bus. We change our kaiseki menu every month based on the season. Please enjoy our “Special Lunch Kaiseki” and “Mini Kaiseki, Sushi Kaiseki, Hon-Kaiseki” to feel the Japanese culture. We are #1 in Ginza for the number of menus. We have a total of 15 large and small private rooms for a party of 2, 10, 20, 30, and up to 80 people. You can relax your feet at all of our seats as they are either chair seats or hori-gotatsu. We also hold events under the concept of “preserving Japanese culture through food.” One is the“Sushi Competition,” an event where you can eat the sushi you make. Another is “Traditional Japanese Dance Show,” an event held every Sunday to enjoy traditional Japanese dancing while having lunch.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Ganko (Ginza 1-chome) | がんこ 銀座1丁目店 | Ginza 銀座

Sekishin-tei | 石心亭 | 赤坂 Akasaka | New Otani ニューオータニ

The restaurant stands in a quiet Japanese garden with a history of over 400 years. As you dine, take in the beautiful scenery beyond the wide window or watch the chef’s precise movements preparing your meal. We serve Kobe Beef, seasonal seafood, and vegetables, carefully selected and grilled to perfection by our chefs.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Sekishin-tei | 石心亭 | 赤坂 Akasaka | New Otani ニューオータニ

Tsukiji Sushi Ichiban (Tsukiji Jogai Shijo) | 築地 すし一番 築地場外市場中央店 | Tsukiji 築地

We have more than 300 fish filleting shows in a year! We regularly hold tuna filleting shows. Please come and try the freshly filleted tuna!

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Tsukiji Sushi Ichiban (Tsukiji Jogai Shijo) | 築地 すし一番 築地場外市場中央店 | Tsukiji 築地

Kyobashi Senbikiya (Omotesando Harajuku) | 京橋千疋屋 表参道原宿店 |

Ever since our establishment, we have been specializing in fruits and have served the best fruits under the reliance of our customers. As customers are looking for more valuable and authentic items these days, we put effort into offering you natural fruits with the highest quality and ripeness. Please enjoy the high aroma and taste of the seasonal fruits. We have variety of menus using our best fruits abundantly.

For more information:

Menya Musashi Niten | 麺屋武蔵二天 | Ikebukuro 池袋 |

Opened in September 2012, we serve a collaboration of deep-fried foods and noodles! Our main feature is “deep-fried foods”. The “buta-ten” (pork tempura) and “tori-ten” (chicken tempura) deep-fried with our special fryer matches perfectly with our tsukemen (dipping noodle).

For more information:


Maidreamin (Akihabara Heaven's Gate) | めいどりーみん 秋葉原 Heaven’s Gate 店 | 秋葉原 Akihabara |

We are the No.1 maid cafe group, “Maidreamin.” Of 18 locations worldwide, Akihabara Heaven’s Gate has the largest area with a capacity of 83 seats maximum. It is located in a convenient place that only takes 10 seconds from Akihabara station! We welcome customers who are new to maid cafes, female customers, and families. The outstanding live performance on the 360 degrees stage is a must see for both small and large group customers.
For more info:

【delicious Japan掲載】Maidreamin (Akihabara Heaven's Gate) | めいどりーみん 秋葉原 Heaven’s Gate 店 |
秋葉原 Akihabara

Otooto (Shinjuku Center Bldg.) | 音音 新宿センタービル店 | 新宿 Shinjuku |

Located 5 minutes away from JR Shinjuku South Exit where the high rise buildings stand, the gorgeous and stylish double height ceiling beautifully highlights the interior design inspired by Kyoto’s bangasa (a coarse oilpaper umbrella). We offer a fusion of traditional washoku and the modern food culture. Discover for yourself why washoku has been approved as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

for more info:

【delicious Japan掲載】Otooto (Shinjuku Center Bldg.) | 音音 新宿センタービル店 | 新宿 Shinjuku

Gindaco (Asakusa) | 築地銀だこ 浅草店 | 浅草 Asakusa |

Gindaco is a well-known Takoyaki shop that has locations all over Japan. We are located only 1 minute away from Asakusa Station. Many customers from both in and out of Japan visits us in betweentheir sightseeing or shopping.

For more info:

【delicious Japan掲載】Gindaco (Asakusa)  | 築地銀だこ 浅草店 | 浅草 Asakusa

Ikesu Doraku (Azumabashi) | いけす道楽 吾妻橋店 | 浅草 Asakusa |

Have fresh seafood after visiting Asakusa Kaminari Gate and TOKYO SKYTREE®! At Ikesu Doraku, we have pride in our fish, shrimp, and sushi. Experience fishing lively fish out of the “ikesu” (fish tank) and have it prepared as sashimi or cooked in the way you like. Blowfish dishes are in season from September to March.

For more info:

【delicious Japan掲載】Ikesu Doraku (Azumabashi) | いけす道楽 吾妻橋店 | 浅草 Asakusa

Misuji | 美寿思 | 築地 汐留 Tsukiji Shiodome |

We were first established in 1855 as “Misuji” in Kobikicho, Edo. The Chinese character of “shi” was different from the current name. “Beautifully serving delicious sushi to our customers forever.” Our founder’s passion towards sushi is inherited up to this day. We value techniques and spirits of the good old days, and select the freshest ingredients that perfectly suit the new generation.

For more info:

【delicious Japan掲載】Misuji | 美寿思 | 築地 汐留 Tsukiji Shiodome

RESTAURANT RIVIERA TOKYO | レストラン リビエラ東京 | Ikebukuro 池袋 |

Located near Ikebukuro Station, we offer a relaxing dining space. “Riviera Cuisine” inherits the tradition “wa” of the former restaurant, “Hakuunkaku”. The seasonal ingredients are selected by our head chef who browse all over Japan for the best ingredients. Our chef brings life to the freshly picked vegetables delivered from contracted farmers and seafood directly shipped from fishing ports.

For more info:

GUNDAM Café (DiverCity Tokyo Plaza) | GUNDAM Café ダイバーシティ東京 プラザ店 | Odaiba お台場 |

specialspecial    At time of purchase, show this page at GUNDAM Café and
     get a FREE MINI-BAG!! 
    * 1 mini-bag per person. Only an limited number of mini-bags are available.

The Diver City Plaza location offers special “Jaburo Coffee” using South American coffee beans and an exclusive “Gunpla-yaki” in the shape of the first Gunpla. We also sell original gift items. “Gunpla-yaki Federation Cheese Hamburg” is only available in our Odaiba cafe. The Hamburg steak is made with 2 kinds of cheese. Also, the 3 Mobile Suit “GUNDAM Caffe Latte” of Gundam, Char's Zaku, and Acguy are popular for their cute designs. *Designs are provided randomly. All foods and drinks can only be taken out.



KICHIRI Shinjuku | KICHIRI 新宿 | Shinjuku 新宿 |

We have arranged the refined beauty and sensitivity of traditional Japan into a modern style. We are a casual and modern Japanese-style restaurant with a sophisticated atmosphere. The carefully selected seasonal ingredients and original modern washoku can be enjoyed visually. Please feel the heart of “omotenashi” that we most cherish.      

For more information:

Katsukura (atre Ueno) | かつくら アトレ上野店 | Ueno 上野 |

Katsukura has been specializing in tonkatsu (pork cutlets) in the lands of Kyoto, which is refined and strict towards foods. Not only do we pursue the crispy and juicy deliciousness of tonkatsu, but also provide a healthy and high quality flavor with special tonkatsu sauce and dressing.

For more information:

Tofuro (Asakusa) |土風炉 浅草店 | Asakusa 浅草 |

Enjoy Washoku! We use seasonal ingredients directly shipped from the farm. We have English and Chinese menus, and many of our staff speak those languages. Many customers from overseas come and visit every day. We welcome you anytime!

For more information:

SASAYA CAFE (Honjo Azumabashi) |ササヤカフェ|Ryogoku/Oshiage 両国/押上

We are a vegan cafe that renovated a warehouse located near Ooyokogawa Shinsui Park between TOKYO SKYTREE® and Kinshicho Station. We prepare vegan menus such as Indian curry, tempeh-katsu (cutlet), sandwiches, and washoku that do not use chemical seasonings or animal products. Please enjoy tart, scones, ice cream, and other sweets cooked with non-animal products.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】 SASAYA CAFE  (Honjo Azumabashi) |ササヤカフェ|Ryogoku/Oshiage 両国/押上

Sendagiroji Italian | 千駄木露地イタリアン | Sendagi 千駄木 |

Located in Sendagi, an area known as "Yanesen," we have renovated an old Japanese-style housing built 80 years ago. Lattice doors, stairs, and big stains give the taste of the old days in Japan. We use ranma (transom windows) and old materials for a modern wall design. Please enjoy our homemade Italian dishes in the warm Japanese atmosphere.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】 Sendagiroji Italian | 千駄木露地イタリアン | Sendagi 千駄木

Nihonbashi Yukari | 日本橋ゆかり | Nihonbashi 日本橋 |

Nihonbashi Yukari is an illustrious name in Japanese cuisine. Established in 1935, it has had access to the Imperial Household Agency for three generations. Carefully-picked seasonal ingredients combine with the expert skills and inspiration of the cooks as it strives to serve the very finest dishes. Following the spirit of treasuring every moment, it also takes great care over its tableware and atmosphere. While rooted in tradition, Yukari is keen to bring in the fresh air of new times. It wants its customers to experience the essence of Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price. That’s the character of Nihonbashi Yukari.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】 Nihonbashi Yukari | 日本橋ゆかり | Nihonbashi 日本橋

Tempura Horikawa (Hotel New Otani) | 天婦羅ほり川 ホテルニューオータニ店 | Akasaka 赤坂 |

We invite you to try the traditional tastes of Japan, made with carefully selected ingredients and highly trained techniques. We are perfect for business meetings and gatherings as we have a variety of different course menus of our superb tempura accompanied with seasonal dishes. Our thin and crispy tempura batter is healthy. Enjoy the seasonal flavor at our restaurant.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Tempura Horikawa (Hotel New Otani) | 天婦羅ほり川 ホテルニューオータニ店 | Akasaka 赤坂 |

Washokusanbi Ayano | 和食賛美 あやの | Ikebukuro 池袋

The main feature of our washoku is rice and “obanzai” (side dish of Kyoto). For lunch, we have set meals using fish or meat and course menus. For dinner, we serve a la carte menus and kaiseki courses. Please come for family gatherings, events, parties, and other occasions. We are built in a maisonette style so each floor has a different type of atmosphere. Spend a relaxing time in our restaurant with an atmosphere that resembles a ryokan (Japanese-style Inn).

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Washokusanbi Ayano | 和食賛美 あやの | Ikebukuro 池袋


Uomori (Shinjuku 3-chome) |魚盛 新宿三丁目店|Shinjuku 新宿

Fresh, affordable, and delicious” seafood are shipped directly from the fishing port. Enjoy fresh and filling seafood, alcoholic beverages, side dishes, and special menus. Our daily sashimi special is a popular item. We also have seafood shumai and other varieties of dishes.
For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Uomori (Shinjuku 3-chome) |魚盛 新宿三丁目店|Shinjuku 新宿

Shutei Juraku (Ueno) | 酒亭じゅらく 上野店|Ueno 上野

Fresh fish are shipped directly from several Japanese fishing ports such as Kyushu Goto Islands and Sendai! Fresh sashimi is our top selling menu! We also have juicy yakitori (grilled chicken) made with special Daisen-dori (Daisen chicken). We are an izakaya that serves cuisines from all over Japan. Please come any time, as we are open throughout lunch and dinner.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Shutei Juraku (Ueno) | 酒亭じゅらく 上野店|Ueno 上野

Ten-don Aoimarushin|天丼 葵丸進|Asakusa 浅草

“The taste of Asakusa, Edo-style tempura, Aoimarushin.” Located on Kaminari-dori, 1 minute away from Sensoji Kaminari Gate, Aoimarushin has been operating for nearly 70 years since its establishment in 1946. Many customers enjoy our tempura as the taste of Asakusa. Ever since the time of our founder who was a fresh fish dealer, we have served tempura with fresh ingredients, high quality oil, and sauce made with our secret recipe. We continue the Edo-style flavor that abundantly uses carefully chosen dried bonito flakes from Tosa, Kochi Prefecture.

Fore more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Ten-don Aoimarushin|天丼 葵丸進|Asakusa 浅草

Sansyu-ya|割烹 三州家|Oshiage/Ryogoku 押上/両国

Established in 1889, we are a long-standing Japanese kappo restaurant. Please enjoy your meal at our private Japanese-style tatami room (private chair seats also available). Our main dish is kaiseki course of sashimi and tempura.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Sansyu-ya|割烹 三州家|Oshiage/Ryogoku 押上/両国

Mochizuki|日本料理もちづき|Ryogoku 両国

Located near Sensoji and TOKYO SKYTREE®, we stand on the 21st floor of Asahi Beer head office that is in a shape of a beer glass. This is a perfect location to enjoy the wonderful view of the Sumida River and TOKYO SKYTREE®. You can spend a slow and relaxing time in the modern Japanese atmosphere.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Mochizuki|日本料理もちづき|Ryogoku 両国

Ginza Marushi|焼肉居酒屋 銀座まるし|Ginza 銀座

Our professional staffs carefully choose the Japanese Black beef we serve at our restaurant. We only use A5 and A4 ranked rare female cows for its beautiful taste. Our special is the quickly roasted“rib-shin”, which is the center of premium sirloin spencer rolls. Please enjoy it with our special wasabi and feel the meat melt in your mouth.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Ginza Marushi|焼肉居酒屋 銀座まるし|Ginza 銀座

Kyubey (The Main)|久兵衛 ザ・メイン店(ホテルニューオータニ)|Roppongi/Akasaka 六本木/赤坂

Highly acclaimed as one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan, Kyubey offers the ultimate experience. The preparation of sushi, supported by its history of more than a thousand years, is often regarded as a form of art. Enjoy a friendly conversation over the counter with the chef while relishing sushi made from fresh and seasonal ingredients. There is also another Kyubey restaurant within the hotel in the Garden Tower (Tel: 03-3221-4145).
For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Kyubey (The Main)|久兵衛 ザ・メイン店(ホテルニューオータニ)|Akasaka 赤坂

Matoiya (Omotesando)|的い屋 表参道店|Shibuya/Omotesando 渋谷/表参道

We serve washoku featuring sumibiyaki (charcoal grill), organic vegetables, and wines. Please enjoy beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and other types of meat grilled by charcoals. Our vegetables are pesticide-free and we consider healthiness of the meals. Try out washoku with our wine collection of over 60 types!

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Matoiya (Omotesando)|的い屋 表参道店|Shibuya/Omotesando 渋谷/表参道


Misuji|美寿思|Tsukiji/Shiodome 築地/汐留

We were first established in 1855 as “Misuji” in Kobikicho, Edo. The Chinese character of “shi” was different from the current name. “Beautifully serving delicious sushi to our customers forever.” Our founder’s passion towards sushi is inherited up to this day. We value techniques and spirits of the good old days, and select the freshest ingredients that perfectly suit the new generation.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Misuji|美寿思|Tsukiji/Shiodome 築地/汐留

Ryouriya Mifune|料理屋三船|Akasaka/Roppongi 赤坂/六本木

Inspired by the famous Japanese actor, Toshiro Mifune, the restaurant seems like a scene of a movie. We serve menus with selected seasonal ingredients cooked dynamically, but in a simple way that brings out the natural flavors. Our rich variation of sake and shochu from all over Japan have a favorable reputation.

For information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Ryouriya Mifune|料理屋三船|Akasaka/Roppongi 赤坂/六本木

Ginza Sato Yosuke|銀座 佐藤養助|Ginza 銀座

Our Inaniwa udon is called a handmade masterpiece from its smoothness and strength. Ginza Sato Yosuke is the first branch in Tokyo. The "recommendation of the day" is very popular among our guests. Feel the beautiful four seasons of Akita by trying Hatahata fish, Hinai chicken, mountain vegetables, and mushrooms available at dinner time.

For information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Ginza Sato Yosuke|銀座 佐藤養助|Ginza 銀座

HAGI CAFE|ハギカフェ|Yanaka/Nezu/Sendagi 谷中/根津/千駄木

Our cafe is located on the first floor of HAGISO, a 60-yearold wooden apartment that we have renovated. HAGISO is a micro cultural complex that has a cafe and gallery on the first floor, a hair salon, atelier, and architectural design office on the second floor. The gallery holds an exhibition every month by different artists.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】HAGI CAFE|ハギカフェ|Yanaka/Nezu/Sendagi 谷中/根津/千駄木

Momonjiya|ももんじや|Oshiage/Ryogoku 押上/両国

Quadrupeds were not commonly eaten among the samurai community in the Edo Period. However, wild boar has been enjoyed by the commoners for a long time and we have been serving dishes using quadrupeds since then. We are a unique restaurant that serves wild animals.

For more information:

【delicious Japan掲載】Momonjiya|ももんじや|Oshiage/Ryogoku 押上/両国

Obon de Gohan (Ueno)|おぼんde ごはん 上野店|Ueno 上野

Enjoy a well-balanced healthy meal in cafe style. Tasty food and precious time of dining makes your heart and body cheerful. Our menu is thoughtfully considered of nutritional balance in your daily intakes.
We offer 20 types of main dishes, and 3 different kinds of rice (white rice, black rice, and gomoku-hijiki rice). Meat, fish, udon, and other meals served are fully with vegetables and ready for you to enjoy. Dessert and drink menus are also popular among not only female customers but also male customers.

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【delicious Japan掲載】Obon de Gohan (Ueno)|おぼんde ごはん 上野店|Ueno 上野

Okamadomeshi Torafuku (LUMINE Shinjuku)|大かまど飯 寅福 ルミネ新宿店|Shinjuku 新宿

Our restaurant is located on the 1st and 7th floor of LUMINE, which is connected directly from the station and has great access on rainy days. You can enjoy delicious steamed rice cooked in large iron rice pot together with Japanese household dishes. We also have Japanese sake and shochu that go well with our foods. Spend your time shopping at LUMINE, and come visit us for lunch and dinner.
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【delicious Japan掲載】Okamadomeshi Torafuku (LUMINE Shinjuku)|大かまど飯 寅福 ルミネ新宿店|
Shinjuku 新宿

Kannonzaka Toriko|観音坂 鳥幸|Shibuya/Harajuku/Omotesando 渋谷/原宿/表参道

Our chef put their hearts in seasoning and grilling the yakitori one by one in a refined atmosphere of “wa.” Charcoal grill brings out the natural flavors of the chicken and allows the yakitori to be juicy and less oily. In addition to standard negima and tsukune, we prepare chouchin (immature egg), sot l’y laisse (chicken oyster), kokoronokori (heart) which all are rare parts of chicken that other restaurants do not regularly serve.
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【delicious Japan掲載】Kannonzaka Toriko|観音坂 鳥幸|Shibuya/Harajuku/Omotesando 渋谷/原宿/表参道